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View all activities that Talentfabriek 053 offers here. Do you have questions? We are happy to answer them for you. Send an email or give us a call.

Hip hop Streetdance

Hip hop classes for beginners and advanced. Read more about our Hip Hop classes here. All ages!

Classical Ballet

Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer, our ballet classes have something for everyone. Let yourself be inspired by our experienced instructors and become part of our dance family.

Battle crew

If you are part of the battle crew, you participate in competitions where you battle against others. 1 VS 1 or team VS team.

competition crew

If you are selected for our competition crew, you will participate in major showcase competitions.

Kids Dance

Learned young is done old, right? Does your child like to dance? Talentfabriek 053 brings out the talent even more.


Breakdance lessons for beginners, advanced, young, old, girls and boys. Register today.


Come and try our popular Dancehall classes!

hip hop 40+ Adults

Talentfabriek is the only one in Twente to offer Hiphop for 40+ adults.

hip hop female

There is Hip-hop female especially for the ladies. Hip hop in a feminine sauce. (also for men)

fear of failure training

Everyone has it once in a while, fear of failure. Talentfabriek 053 helps you deal with this in a fun interactive way.

kids/birthday party

Do you want to dance during a children's party or your own birthday party? Talentfabriek 053 can do this in various ways.

Bachelor party

Doing something fun during a bachelorette party? Come and create a choreography with your friends. Funny, Sexy, you name it!


Hire us for a dance workshop, shows, parties or choreography. We help you with every aspect of dance.

K-pop Lessons

Are you also crazy about K-pop? Then our K-pop dance lessons are really something for you. Sign up for a free trial lesson!


Being "disabled" doesn't mean you can't do fun things. So come and dance with us!

Contemporary Dance

Step into the expressive world of contemporary dance and unleash your creativity through movement in our modern dance classes.

Wedding dance

Do you really want to surprise the guests at your wedding in a special way, as you often see on cool videos? We help you realize this.

Birthday Workshop

Dance Workshops as a Birthday Activity: An Unforgettable Experience for all ages